The project is structured in 4 work packages (WPs) and 10 activities, to reach 3 major objectives (Obj):

Objective 1: Deeply characterize biodiversity of key legume species in Mediterranean basin

 Work Package 1: Agronomic, phenotypic and molecular characterization of lentil and chickpea biodiversity in Mediterranean basin

Activity 1: Recovery, selection and collection of germplasm.

Responsible: Francesco Loreto –

Activity 2: Genomic and phenomic characterizations of the selected germplasm

Responsible: Federico Martinelli –

 Activity 3: Agronomic screening and evaluation of germplasm in different geographic áreas.

Responsible: Noureddine

 Objective 2: Improve the provision of legume-based ecosystem services and farming system sustainability in the Mediterranean basin

 Work Package 2: Models and approaches for a biodiversity-based agriculture in legume-based farming systems

 Activity 4: Development of new models, tools and approaches for the use of legumes in biodiversity-based agriculture to enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity

Responsible: Anna-Lena

 Activity 5: Agronomic approaches to enhance ecosystem services and biodiversity of legume-based farming systems

Responsible: Noureddine Yahia –

 Work Package 3: Agro-technical and bio-technical solutions to improve management of functional agro-biodiversity in legume-based farming systems

Activity 6: Developing new legume-rhizobia combinations with enhanced symbiotic nitrogen fixation (SNF)

Responsible: Sanja Sikora –

 Activity 7: Agro-technical and bio-technical novelties to increase sustainability of farming systems

Responsible: Paolo Barberi – 

Objective 3: Evaluate trade-offs of proposed measures, with cost/benefit analysis performed by stakeholders

 Work Package 4: Socio-economic evaluations of proposed measures, information management, outcome disseminations and exploitation

Activity 8: Socio-cultural assessment of the proposed biodiversity-based agriculture measures

Responsible: Miguel Cebrian-Piqueras –

 Activity 9: Socio-economic evaluation of the proposed measures through stakeholder’s involvement

Responsible:Miguel Cebrian-Piqueras –

 Activity 10: Outreach, stakeholder updates, training and deliverables

Responsible: Federico Martinelli –